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YOU HAVE THE KEY - A fanmix for Leonardo/Riario.


// 01. infra red - placebo // 02. bombing bastards - tricky // 03. system - jonathan davis  // 04. pretty when you cry - vast // 05.  close to the flame - him cover // 06.  do i wanna know instrumental - arctic monkeys // 07.dmt - xxyyxx  // 08.  risingson - massive attack // 09.  i against i - massive attack //   // 11. future proof - massive attack  // 12.   why’d you only call me when you’re high - arctic monkeys // 13. never leave - xxyyxx  // 14.  love you like i do - him // 15. everywhen - massive attack // 16. murder weapon - tricky // 17. protect me from what i want - placebo // 18. shut em down - celldweller // 



Da Vinci’s Demons is coming to NYCC!

It’s official: Executive Producers David S. Goyer and John Shiban join cast members Tom Riley, Blake Ritson, Laura Haddock and Gregg Chillin for a joint STARZ panel featuring both Da Vinci’s Demons and Black Sails on Saturday, October 11th at 12:15pm in Room 1A06, where we’ll show a SNEAK PEEK of Season 3.

Meet the cast during an Autograph Session at 3:45pm in Hall 1B, and use the Da Vinci’s Demons charging station in the North Concourse to make sure you always have enough power to post all of your NYCC pictures immediately to tumblr.

We hope to see you there!



So I was watching Da Vinci’s Demons (again) and then… 

Blake’s teethless grandma face and Tom’s crunchy raisin face ♥

Anonymous: Hey! I hope you don't mind me asking this but please could you tell me how gory Da Vinci's Demons is? I've watched the first 2 episodes+can just about cope with the bloody scenes but I'm a bit of a wimp sometimes!(I'd do anything to watch Blake hehe)

Well, I sure understand gore isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! There certainly is some bloody scenes in almost every episode, but I don’t think it gets much worse at any point. Pretty much stays on the same level every ep. I’d recommend you to try it, even though some scenes are pretty nasty. Really can’t say if it’s too much for you to handle… But really, go and try to watch more, if only for Blake’s sake :)!

New Serena trailer! The film is coming out November 27. Starring Blake as an American (!) property tycoon Lowenstein, here dancing with Jennifer Lawrence.

Girolamo Riario 1x01 v 2x09

Riario’s Character Progression 2/2


Had a sneak preview of Alexander Vlahos and Blake Ritson in ‘We are Everywhere’ from series three of Confessions of Dorian Gray. Properly thrilled with what this pair have done with my script. Oh, it’s a dark one this…

We’re looking forward to it!

Girolamo Riario 1x04 v 2x09



I got myself a new set of watercolor today, hurray!!
And first thing i did was this. On a 4x6 sketchcard.

I used a screenshot as reference, still couldn’t get a lot of stuff done right. And didn’t use those expensive watercolor paper…

And finally I cheated by applying filter on my photo because my phone’s camera so crappy.

End of story.



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Met at an artshop (cool guy) #blakeritson #absolutlegend #countriario #davincisdemons #absolutelegend

asdfgghkljlfh !!! finally a new photo.

Yeah! And there’s also this one in case you haven’t noticed it :). Apparently he’s been in London and probably not filming DVD at the moment.

Shared by #javiermondragonii on Instagram 9/6/2014

Met at an artshop (cool guy) #blakeritson #absolutlegend #countriario #davincisdemons #absolutelegend