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gorgeous men.


A bit more speculation for Da Vinci’s demons.

So in the first episode we see Nico fly with Da Vinci’s wing design and then later the Labyrinth says to Riario ‘The fault lie not with Icarus but with his father the clever inventor who built the wings so his son could fly’

This is obviously…

actual things that happen in the show tbh.

Where will Da Vinci's demons lead him (my speculation and hopes)


So here are my hopes and speculations for Da Vinci’s Demons series 3.


1. I think by the end of the season Leonardo will retrieve the book of leaves and find out that it is only one part of infinitely more complex puzzle. That will take him all over the world and damn near kill him…


(via Da Vinci’s Demons season 3 set visit interview - part 2 | Tom Riley)

Where he also answered the question:

Why does not Blake Ritson use Twitter?

- Blake lurks in the background. Just reads it all. [laughs]

We respect B’s choice to lurk in the background, don’t we? Just keep Tweeting to him your love and support!


Da Vinci’s Demons season 3 - behind the scenes Friday. Photos shared by Tom Riley and Will Pascoe on Twitter.

The second one is obviously promising something!

Leario Fanfic Masterpost


I revised all of the stories, changed some bits here and there and even formated them completely new so it’s a lot easier to read them now (at least I do hope so).

Close enough to start a war

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I love the deep end

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I wipe the grin 

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For skies to fall

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We live in the best of all possible worlds

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Truly recommending these awesome fics for everyone who’s into Leario (or Da Vinci’s Demons in general)! 


Fluffy Blake <3

私、本当におデコちゃんの顔好き♡ 何枚描いても飽きないの。リアル少女マンガ・フェイスw

I really love his face<3 <3 No matter how many times I draw his truly lovely face I do not get tired of . His real shoujo-manga  face. :D


Da Vinci’s Demons Season 2 Screencaps


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