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“There is thy gold, worse poison to men’s souls,
Doing more murder in this loathsome world…“

William Shakespeare

New still from Ep. 2x01 of Da Vinci’s Demons


My dad watched Da Vinci’s Demons with me for a minute and asked me when Adrien Brody got a nose job. He swears up and down Riario was played by him and refuses to believe otherwise

wut okay that’s weird

never got this Blake/Adrien comparisation all that much but omg he got a nose job


Riario’s sunglasses appreciation post part 2


I have a thing for Riario in his knee high boots


Riario’s boots appreciation post 


Riario and Da Vinci and Italy.





da vinci’s demons meme | [2/2] characters | girolamo riario


All this blood on my hands

No remorse can redeem.

All the things I have done

No repentance can clean.


I was soldier of God,

Showed no mercy at all.

I was puppet to pull

Slowly  losing my soul.


Who were dear to me -

I have ruined their lives,

Who were precious to me

Are no longer alive.


Now I’ve sold what is left

Of my wrecked sinned soul,

And I hope I will find

Truth I wish to behold.